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PAYPAL COMMISSIONS OPEN(updated:couples available) by ooNerina


Samahatter and Poets by squonkhunter Samahatter and Poets by squonkhunter Samahatter and Poets by squonkhunter Samahatter and Poets by squonkhunter

I am in love with litterature and ancient cultures.
For me, drawing is more important than breathing ... It's a natural and necessary part of my daily life. It's my way to enter in my world.

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Her name was Gina.
She was my Grandmother.

Have a look, if you want. And thanks for your attention :heart:

Nonna Gina by ooNerina
Nonna Gina by ooNerina
Nonna Gina
Today, August 25th would be my Granny Gina's birthday.

It's the first time I can't say to her: "happy birthday". She died last november.
I really miss her.

Nonna Gina was the most awesome person I've ever met: she never gave up, she never lamented. She was always finding something to laugh of, she always loved me no matter what, she always put others first than herself.

Nonna Gina lived her life in the countryside of Tuscany, here in Italy. She was a farmer, a paesant, a great worker.
She always told me about her favourite occupation: when she was young,  the owner of the land ("il padrone")  made her graze the  mares.

She was born in the 1920s; she lived the Second World War on her skin. 
I remember my dad, asking her: "who was more beautiful? The German boys or the American ones?"
and, with a dreamy expressions, she  answered : " the Americans ... they were so tall and blonde, with dreamy light blue eyes ..." ;
and so my father laughed: "I think those were the Germans, you know?".
And Nonna Gina laughed hard as she always did.


so I just wanted to whish Nonna Gina a happy happy birthday, wherever she is. I don't know what there's for us, after death. But for sure, I know she is now young again, with her mares, feeling the warm wind of the Tuscany countryside.
And I hope she found her husband, my Grandad, and that they're making love forever, untill the infinite lasts.

tanti auguri, nonna Gina.

Would you like to join me, whishing her a happy birthday? :)
Medieval Harry Potter by ooNerina
Medieval Harry Potter
You know I am in love with medieval history (well, if I wasn't I suppose I wouldn't be studying Medieval History at University XD). 
And I am in love too with Harry Potter book saga.
So what if Harry Potter was set in the Middle Age?
Here is a progressive sketchdump of the story, form Philosopher's Stone to the Deathly Hallows, restyled in medieval fashion.

- young Harry, in his dungeon (the understairs XD)
- a portrait of the Dursleys
- Hagrid
- Harry and Hedwig (which is a white falcon!)
- Ron, Fred & George, and Hermione
- The trio meets Draco Malfoy
- Severus Snape and Quirinus Quirrell

- Ginny is hex by Tom Riddle's diary
- Moaning Myrtle showing the place of her death

- Sirius Black
- Sybil Trelawney
- Remus Lupin

- Fleur Delacour, from Beauxbatons
- Viktor Krum , from Durmstrang

- Dolores Umbridge
- Dumbledore's Army (which I called "Silentis", because in italian Dumbledore is translated with "Silente". I liked a latin version for the Middle Age! :3)
- Luna the Loony

- Draco and the dark mark
- Voldemort's story

- the golden trio with the horcruxes , the deathly hallows and the things Dumbledore left them.

-- some other Middle Age stuff:
Medieval Star Wars
Medieval W.I.T.C.H.
(another Harry Potter )
Vive la France by ooNerina
Vive la France
Jeanne d'Arc and Marie Antoinette

I am really fond of French History. Maybe theese two women are my favourite characters.
Both misunderstood from History itself, both with a tragic end.
To be honest, I am quite ignorant in Jeanne d'Arc story: my interest in her, follows my childish ideal of the warrior woman who takes back Orleans and guides an entire army. I never really serached historical sources to know her better.
And also it's not a fact of religion! I am not a christian, nor I follow any canonic religion. But I find inspiring her faith and all the misterious thing of the sacred mission and the voices of the angels.
I surely should stuy Jeanne better.
Marie Antoinette, instead, is one of my favourite historical character ever. Tradition completely mishandles her: where she was demure, they called her a harlot. Where she was gentle, they called her demoniac. when she was sad, humiliated and frustrated, they called her vain, spoony, and frivolous. She was a great mother and wife. 
Her only fault was being dauphine / queen in the wrong period of France and of her life (a teenager).

I would talk about her for ages, so I end here.
I hope you'll like the drawing, which is the thing that matters to me.
Dragon and beer leaflet by ooNerina
Dragon and beer leaflet
I have been asked to make the design for a leaflet *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
I removed the written part.
It is a local feast called "Beer & Dragon" (such a badass nameLlama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] )

please don't use without my permission
Her name was Gina.
She was my Grandmother.

Have a look, if you want. And thanks for your attention :heart:

Nonna Gina by ooNerina

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